Home and Away star responds to rumours of the shows cancellation

goss 10/07/2019

A Home and Away legend has shutdown rumours the show is facing cancellation amid falling ratings in Australia.

The fall in viewership has largely been blamed on the increased popularity of reality TV shows.

Lynne McGranger, who has played Irene Roberts on the soap opera for more than 25 years responded to the rumours on Twitter.

“First I’ve heard of it,” Lynne replied to a fan. “I’m seeing all this stuff but I honestly have heard nothing. It may be true…. But then again I apparently was definitely leaving the Bay 18 months or so ago.”

“To my knowledge this is [rubbish]. Enough already. We are not going anywhere. I turn up to work. People film me. I get paid. Pretty sure that means the show will keep going to air. AND we’re 5-6 months ahead with the filming.”

Looks like your favourite residents of Summer Bay are here to stay for a wee while longer!