McLeod's Daughters star gives fans hope for a future reboot of the show

goss 05/07/2019

Fans of the hit Australian TV show McLeod's Daughters had their dreams dashed back in 2017 when a potential reboot of the show was called off.

But a recent red carpet event in Australia, actress Bridie Carter (who played Tess) has given fans hope!

The star said she still gets asked about a potential reboot of the show.

"I'll tell you this, the shoes I have on tonight are Sergio Rossi and I wore them to our first McLeod's Logies in 2002," she told TV Week.

"So that is a testament for how long this show… It's still going! People out *on the red carpet* are still talking about it."

When asked what she'd say to people wanting a reboot, she said "what I say to everybody is, I am like Tess McLeod and I will never give up."

The previously planned reboot fell apart due to 'creative differences', but hopefully the cast and crew can find a way to move past those in the future!