Nadia Lim issues warning after falling victim to an online scam

goss 25/07/2019

Kiwi chef Nadia Lim has become a victim of a hideous online scam that claims she has left cooking to go into the skincare business, promoting skincare product, L'Avere.

Nadia issued a warning to her followers on social media, alerting them to what was going on.

Posting on Facebook, Lim wrote: "It sucks to have to post this, but just in case you've seen a ridiculous article circulating on social media that I've left cooking to go into the skincare business going by the brand name L'Avere (as if!) don't be fooled by these d...head scammers! ... I'm so annoyed Grrrrr."

"Please don't be fooled by this illegal activity, whatever you do don't hand over your personal or credit card details to these scammers. L'Avere is in no way endorsed by me."

The celebrity chef, who also starred on this years version of Dancing With The Stars, also asked for those who come across the scam post to report it.