Heartwarming moment deaf girl signs entire Lewis Capaldi song

we love 01/08/2019

A young girl has stunned people around the world after her mum shared a video of her using British Sign Language to sing the popular Lewis Capaldi song Someone You Love.

The 10 year old Capaldi fanwas diagnosed with bilateral sensorineural deafness - usually a permanent form of hearing loss - when she was just two, and since then has taught herself sign language with the help of her mum.

The pair mostly relied on Youtube videos for their lessons.

When news came that Lewis Capaldi was playing at a music festival near their home in Scotland, the 10 year old decided to learn his song in a bid to get him to notice her.

Her dream if for him to notice her and bring her on stage to sign alongside his singing.

The video of the little girl is fast going viral, with many sending it to Lewis Capaldi in hopes that he will see the clip.