Kiwi mum petitions for Kmart and The Warehouse to sell more 'bright' boys clothes

NZ 18/09/2019

A Kiwi mum has started an online petition for stores like Kmart and The Warehouse after noticing something about the older boys clothing...

"When shopping at Kmart and the Warehouse for older boys (sizes 8-16), it is becoming increasingly hard to purchase clothing featuring any colors other than dark and dreary shades." the mum wrote on

"While the girls section is a virtual rainbow of colours with a plethora of inspiring designs and positive sayings, the older boys section is like stepping into an uninspired, sad afterthought. Even the younger boys section features an array of creative, bright designs. Why is it that the older boys are not afforded the same options to have uplifting, happy, creative designs?"

"My 9 year old son who recently went to Kmart said 'It's like they don't want us to be happy'"

She's not the only one who feels this way either...

"Completely agree, have been complaining about this issue for years!" one person commented on the petition.

"I want my boys growing up knowing that colours are for everyone." another said.

So far her petition has over 230 signatures, she aims to get around 500.