Pink and her husband ignore parenting police at their family day out

goss 16/09/2019

Late last year Pink and her husband were criticised by the 'parenting police' online after her husband Carey Hart took their kids to a bike-track.

Instagram haters were quick to poke holes in photo with some saying that Carey was putting their kids in harms way.

Fast forward a year and Pink and her husband are still ignoring the haters and have taken their kids for a cute family day out at a BMX track.

"So much fun at the bmx track last night." Carey wrote on his Instagram along with some photos...

"Double the pleasure, double the fun! Both kids are racing now! Willow swept both her races, and Jamo had a melt down he only got to race 3 times."

"Mama Pink was our kids motivational speaker! Jameson didn’t put down his trophy until he went to bed. Willow reminds me of myself when I was at the races. Love being back at the race track. Some of my best memories growing up."

Awesome to see one of our favourite families getting along so well and having a blast too!