Pink fans are swooning over her 'hot brother' after she shares family reunion photos

goss 27/09/2019

Pink fans have discovered something about the singer that they didn't know before - She has a hot brother!

In a recent Instagram post the singer shared the details of a recent family reunion...

"I’m so proud of my big brother. (And my kids and Carey and family)." she wrote.

"We had a family reunion at Blackberry Farm this weekend and it is one of the most magical places I have ever been lucky enough to go to!"

As soon as Pink posted the pics, fans were quick to comment on her brother's looks...

"Is that your brother!? We need more photos, he looks cute!!" one fan wrote.

"Big brother is a hottie!" added another.

"You have a rather handsome big bro." someone else said.

Judging by this reaction, there will be a lot of people looking forward to seeing pics from the next family reunion.