Pink shares heartwarming birthday message to one of her best friends

goss 24/09/2019

Pink has written a heartwarming message to one of her best friends (and personal trainer) on her birthday.

"I wanna talk about Jeanette Jenkins. THE Jeanette Jenkins." Pink's Instagram post began.

"The girl you meet and within five minutes is your sister for life. The girl that always shows up on time because she’s a Virgo. The girl that’s always over-prepared because she’s a perfectionist. The girl that cries even when she doesn’t want to because she’s tough as nails and super sensitive too."

"The girl that supports you when you’re imperfect and when you doubt yourself. The girl that gives you advice that you don’t want to hear but you know the only reason she was telling you was because she gives a sh*t.

"The girl that says do another one when you don’t want to go another step. The girl that makes you love yourself when you’ve forgotten who you are. The girl that stops you in your tracks when you start to sh*t talk yourself. The girl that doesn’t settle because she know she’s worth it."

"The girl that I admire. The girl that I respect. The girl that has my whole heart. That is Jeanette Jenkins. Happy ****ing birthday. My world is so much better because you’re in it."

Now that is what we call friendship! These two clearly have a very special bond.