Disney reveals even more TV shows and movies that will be on new streaming service

goss 16/10/2019

We thought we hit the jackpot when Disney revealed a huge list of TV shows and films that would be on their new streaming service Disney+, but now they've announced even more content!

The entertainment giant recently went on an epic spree on their Twitter account revealing more and more shows and films that will be available to stream on day one (the site launches in NZ on November 19th).

This brings the number of shows and films to over 600.

Take a look at a selection of the new titles announced below...

That's just a small amount of the shows and films announced, Disney even added to the hype with promises of more announcements soon...

"We did that. And the announcements aren't even over yet... Stay tuned for more soon!"

On top of all of that, they even released a 3 hour video which shows every single show announced for the platform.