Jamie Oliver shares how he 'hypnotises' his son into eating his dinner

goss 13/12/2019

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has recently shared how he deals with his youngest child when he refuses to eat his dinner, and it simply involves an iPad.

"I hate screens, however River is such a feral child. Sometimes, we have to have a screen." he said in a recent podcast.

"We hate it. I am pretty much zero-tolerance with screens at the table as it really p*sses me off."

"If he’s not eating, if you put a screen in front of him it hypnotises him and you can put anything in his mouth."

"If you want to get the good stuff with him, almost the same as blending stuff into a smoothie, me and Jools will put it on and it does work."

In the same podcast, Jamie spoke about the possibility of having a sixth child with his wife Jools.

"I have tried to say ‘no more’ but it don’t go down very well. Jools is an incredible mum."

"But she’s 45. I think she knows she’s got the last window of opportunity, as it were."

Only time will tell if the Oliver family will expand anymore!