Meet the teams from 2019's The Block NZ: Firehouse

The Block NZ 16/06/2019

The Block NZ is back! And this time, it's going to be hotter than ever before.

This year, four teams will tackle five apartments set in a fire station in Kingsland, Auckland - a prime location overlooking Eden Park.

"The stakes are higher than ever and the expectation on every team to pull off luxury inner-city living is huge," says host Mark Richardson.

An entire new level was added to the top of the historic building, which was erected in 1930 and turned into a boarding house over 10 years ago.

Ready to transform the firehouse once more are four new DIY duos, eager to make a profit at auction and walk away with the $100,000 grand prize.  

The Block NZ: Firehouse premieres on Three, Monday June 17 at 7:30pm and continues on Monday - Wednesday at 7:30pm and Sunday nights at 7pm.

Meet the four teams competing this year:

Lisa & Ribz from Wellington

Lisa (37) and Chris aka Ribz (34) are a husband and wife team who have three children and one dog, with ten years experience in renovating and decorating their own home to perfection.

Print technician Ribz is the self-described builder of the pair, who says he’s a no-regrets kind of guy whose strengths lie in his DIY skills, patience and hard-working attitude.

Caterer Lisa excels on the decorating and shopping front, and brings her strengths of organisation and design to the team.

Stacy & Adam from Wellington

Couple Stacy and Adam (both 25) met at Massey University nine years ago, and now own their own home and work in creative fields. Social influencer Stacy runs her own design business while Adam works as a senior concept designer for Weta Workshop.

The couple believe that their ability to style and decorate will set them apart from the rest. Adam believes he will be the bring the practicality and composure to the team, while Stacy will have the budgeting skills, time-management and attention to detail.

The creative pair have previously dabbled in DIY on their own home with mixed results - they accidentally painted their house the wrong colour!

Ethan & Sam from Hamilton/Te Kuiti

Builder Ethan (26) and joiner Sam (27) are best friends from high school, and eager to sink their teeth into the construction side of The Block, claiming the kitchen as their dream reno room.

Sam is hands on, hard-working and kind (who also enjoys having a laugh), while Ethan (or 'Eats' as he's often called) will be the project manager of the team, and is proud of his dedication to building.

Nail gun accident prone, Sam has had his fair share of building faux pas but claims that Ethan’s DIY skills are a force to be reckoned with.

Sophie & Mikaere from Turangi

Husband and wife duo Sophie (31) and Mikaere (32) first met at university 12 years ago, and have been together ever since.

Illustrator and chef Sophia and teacher and artist Mikaere say their artistic abilities will be put to good use on The Block, with their creativity and strong work ethic giving them an edge over the other teams.

Sophia is organised, fiercely competitive and admits she does not like losing. Whereas Mikaere considers himself a strong communicator with determination and drive and says his only weaknesses is becoming hangry when hungry!