Team achieves the first perfect score on The Block NZ: Firehouse

The Block NZ 11/08/2019

Eight weeks into The Block NZ: Firehouse and Purple Team's Stacy & Adam have achieved the perfect room according to the judges.

A perfect 10 and 10 from judges Lizzi Whaley and Jason Bonham on their entranceway, laundry and stairwell saw the Purple Team as the clear, outright winner that week.

From the antique mirrored backdrop on the stairs to the print featuring the old architectural drawings from the original firehouse, the two judges raved at the level of style and execution from the couple in their comments.

"A perfect 20. No bonus points, no quick-fire change skullduggery. Perfection," Mark Richardson told the happy Wellington couple, with Mark pointing out that there have been very few genuine perfect scores in the Kiwi TV series' history.

"With all the game changers and quick-fires over the last few years, it's difficult to think how many perfect scores have been achieved.

There's been definitely less than 5, in the history of The Block," he mentioned.

"It's an amazing achievement."

Check out more from Stacy & Adam's room here.

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