The Block NZ teams blow up at each other in first angry 'Block Collective' meeting

The Block NZ 26/06/2019

It's the second week in The Block NZ: Firehouse, and already an explosive argument has taken place between teams.

The Block NZ host Mark Richardson forced the four teams at the Firehouse to have a 'Block Collective' after Blue Team's Sophie and Mikaere schemed to convert their 3-bedroom penthouse to a 2-bedroom apartment.

Their third bedroom, their most recent Guest Bedroom win, would then be used to make the master bedroom bigger - a risk that Sophia and Mikaere say they're willing to make for their corporate-executive buyer.

But the disagreement comes with other teams questioning if Sophia and Mikaere will reuse their items and be one-step ahead during Master Bedroom week.

Mark Richardson leaves it up to the first meeting of the 'Block Collective' to make a unanimous decision with Sophia and Mikaere's furniture and items. And while they agree to not re-use any furniture and donate what can be donated to charity, the Blue team can't help but say they're feeling "attacked" by the "pit bulls".

What results is a lot of anger and emotions spilling over, and a few unkind tones and words being shared...

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