Queen's Brian May hits out at paparazzi after rude welcoming in Australia

goss 13/02/2020

Veteran rocker Brian May has spoken after footage emerged of him appearing to lash out at a cameraman in Brisbane.

The Queen star is seen telling a 7 News cameraman to stop filming him when he was talking to some fans near Brisbane Airport on Tuesday.

"You put this down or else something ugly happens, do you understand?" May tells the cameraman.

The cameraman put the camera away but then took out his mobile phone, 7 News reports. May then allegedly took a swipe at his head.

"What a parasite you are," he tells the cameraman.

"You go away now."

May has now spoken out about the incident.

"I've been trying to work my way through the feelings generated by the incident that happened at Brisbane Airport, just moments after I landed in Australia," he said on Instagram.

May goes on to say he's not known for being aggressive.

"No - I'm not alright. But I will be," he wrote.

"It certainly ruined my day and if that's what you wanted, Channel 7, then you got it.

"There's a fine line between anger and depression, and I've been struggling with all of that since I got ambushed and harassed by a TV news team, fresh off the plane from New Zealand.

"As we drove out of the airport, I noticed a small group of young kids with Queen albums, waving a welcome.

"So we stopped the car and I got out to sign their Queen material, and they kindly gave me gifts of typically Australian goodies - Pressed up against the kids was a guy with a huge TV camera."

May said despite still feeling bruised from the incident, he hoped to give one of the best performances of his life on Friday.

He said he's still in touch with one of the teens he stopped to meet when the incident happened.

"Both he and his parents have been very supportive, and highly critical of Channel 7's behaviour.

"Being disrespected so publicly takes a little while to get over."