Disney's 'Hercules' is getting a live action remake and fans are stoked

goss 04/05/2020

Disney has been on a roll with their live-action remakes over the past few years. 2019's The Lion King was a huge success as was Aladdin.

Now the 'House of Mouse' is turning their attention to their classic film 'Hercules' after announcing their plans to give the animated film a live-action remake!

Joe and Anthony Russo, who directed the most revent Marvel Avengers movies are set to produce the film - other than that details are scarce.

Fans are already making their suggestions for casting. Zac Efron is a hot favourite to play Hercules, Tom Hiddleston is being tipped to play Hades, Ariana Grande as Megara, while Lizzo, Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson, Normani and Beyonce are being touted as the greek goddesses.

While fans are hopeful, none of the casting is confirmed - and since we don't even have a release window yet, we'll just have to wait and see!