Lewis Capaldi reveals details about his secret 'posh' girlfriend

goss 21/05/2020

Even though Lewis Capaldi's music is quite often about relationships and love, the singer has been relatively quiet on his love-life... Until now!

In a recent interview with a UK radio show, Lewis revealed that he has secretly been seeing someone.

The host asked Lewis if he preferred being single or in a relationship - to which he replied...

“Well, I’m in a relationship, so if I said the other one, my girlfriend would kill me”

“I’ve never told anybody that I’m in a relationship, so there you go…She’s got red hair, she’s got quite a posh voice.”

“And that’s that, that’s all you’re getting.”

The singer went on to say that due to lockdowns in the UK, the pair haven't seen each other for some time! Maybe Lewis has been using the time to apart to write a love song about her...