Sydney store sparks debate over sign asking customers not to talk about COVID-19

omg 26/05/2020

With lockdown restrictions easing both here and over in Australia, many people are returning to some of their fave stores.

But this Sydney kebab store has sparked debate after putting up a sign asking their customers to avoid talking about the pandemic.

"To ensure the best possible service and to keep our staff’s spirit high, we ask our dear customers to avoid discussing the COVID-19 pandemic with our staff. Thank you." the note read.

The owners added that they didn't want to hear any more about it until their 'was a cure'.

It seems they weren't the only ones who felt this way, one retail worker shared their thoughts... "I’m sick of being asked if I’m happy to be back at work. It has been stupidly busy since we re-opened."

What do you make of the sign, is it fair enough or a step too far?

Source: Yahoo