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Rebel Wilson's personal trainer shares the workout behind her recent weight-loss

Rebel Wilson's personal trainer shares the workout behind her recent weight-loss

It's quite intense!
19 June 2020 9:21AM

Earlier on this year actress Rebel Wilson opened up about how 2020 was going to be her 'year of health'. She made some fitness goals and has stuck to them throughout the many twists and turns of 2020 and she's reaping the rewards!

Her personal trainer from Australia recently shared with Women's Health the workout routines that Rebel has been doing.

HIIT workouts (High-intensity interval training) are a huge part of her schedule.

"Our typical workout week looks like this," her trainer says. 

  • Day 1: HITT / MOBILITY
  • Day 2: Weights / resistance 
  • Day 3: HITT
  • Day 4: HITT 
  • Day 5: HITT / WEIGHTS 
  • Day 6: RECOVER 
  • Day 7: HITT

He then went on to say what exercises are included in Rebel's HIIT circuit

  1. Assault Bike: "The assault bike is a perfect tool for metabolic conditioning and provides safe movement without impact,"
  2. TRX Squats: "I use the TRX as it focuses on using body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability,"
  3. Standing Bandit Trunk Rotation: "Twisting your torso against the resistance of an elastic band will challenge those abdominals and the fun part is I get to hold the resistance to create some burn through those rotations."
  4. Dead Bugs With Med Ball: "Effective, safe and a great way to strengthen and stabilise your core, spine, and back muscles
  5. Battle Rope Slams: "Perfect way to build more power and work that core."

It sounds quite intense, but if you're looking for a new way to work out - this could be it!