Simon Cowell shares the adorable letter his 6 year old son wrote him

goss 06/07/2020

In a recent interview with Kelly Clarkson on her talk show, Simon Cowell has shared a cute letter that his 6 year old son wrote for him.

"This was given to me on Father's Day and I'm going to read this to you because it was touching. This is from Eric, my six-year-old boy, to me." he said in the interview.

"'I like to waddle, you like to waddle. I like fish, and you like fish. You like to swim, and I like to swim. I like to walk in your footsteps standing tall like you. You have webbed feet, and I have webbed feet… and I will always love you, Eric.'

"It's my favourite thing I've ever had."

Looks like the tough talent show judge might have a soft side after all!

Check out the full interview between Kelly and Simon below...