'World's Most Wanted' is tipped to be your next big Netflix obsession

goss 31/07/2020

Watching a true crime docu-series from the safety of your own home is always a riveting time, but this upcoming show might hit a bit too close to home... Because the criminals are literally still on the run.

World's Most Wanted will focus on five of the world's most deadly and sought after criminals who could be anywhere in the world right now - yikes. 

Even global investigations haven't been enough to catch these infamous masterminds, with one of the criminals having been on the run for over 20 years. 

Each episode will focus on a different criminal, and will feature interviews with police and law officials analysing how they've escaped. The show will also shine a light on how the fugitive criminals will hopefully be caught once and for all.

The show will be available to watch on Netflix from the 5th of August, check out the chilling trailer up top! This one's gonna be a goodie.