Netflix is testing out a 'shuffle play' feature for when you don't know what to watch

goss 23/07/2020

Anyone with a Netflix subscription will be all too familiar with the feeling of wanting to watch something but not knowing what you want to watch.

It can be one of the most frustrating things, scrolling mindlessly through hundreds of titles and taking forever to find the thing you want to watch.

But now, reports have said that Netflix could be trying to help stamp out that annoying process by adding in a 'shuffle feature'.

A spokesperson for Netflix told the New York Post that the new feature is undergoing a second round of testing at the moment. The first round took place for some television shows last year where users had the option to use the ‘random episode’ button.

It’s unclear whether the feature will become a permanent feature on Netflix but the service is said to be gathering feedback on it - and it sounds like it is going to be a lifesaver!