Personal trainer reveals the diet behind Rebel Wilson's recent weight-loss

goss 15/07/2020

At the start of this year Australian actress Rebel Wilson called 2020 her 'year of health'. She was kickstarting her health journey and set a goal of getting down to 75kgs.

She's been exercising hard but now we know what diet has lead to her results.

It's called the 'Mayr Method' and here is how its all about eating well and improving gut health. The Women's Health website describes what the diet looks like...

"Followers to stop snacking, reduce their gluten and dairy intake and chew their food for longer (40 to 60 times per bite.) Sugar and caffeine are also off-limits, with the regime focusing on whole foods that are high alkaline, like veggies and fish."

"Reading, talking and looking at your phone while you eat is also forbidden, as the goal is to get you to be more mindful about your meals."

Earlier on this year Rebel's personal trainer revealed the workouts she's been doing, you can check them out here!