Adventure seeking family scale a giant mountain to celebrate Dad's birthday

we love 11/08/2020

Before we go any further, don't try this with your family unless you're a trained professional!

This family has gone viral online after scaling a Swiss mountain to celebrate the Dad's 40th birthday!

"We paced it out over 4 days," the dad wrote on Instagram.

He went on to reveal that the reason for the climb was due to the fact that he and his wife spent their honeymoon on the mountain 14 years prior.

"Huge kisses to @jesscorrie for being the most amazing wife and mother, to Freya and Jackson for being such brave, strong children and to the weather gods for granting us the stable forecast we needed for our family outing."

The response to the thrill seekers online has been huge.

"Amazing photos, you guys are awesome! What a beautiful climb and summit hut." one wrote.

"Very impressed. Well done to all!" added another.

Check out some of the amazing photos the family took above...