Christina Aguilera gives a powerful performance of the Mulan song 'Reflection'

goss 31/08/2020

Disney's live action remake of Mulan is available to stream on Disney Plus from September 4th. The film was originally set to be released in cinemas, but due to Covid-19 it will be making its debut on the streaming platform for an additional fee.

While the remake doesn't feature the iconic songs of the Disney original - that hasn't stopped Christina Aguilera from taking on one of the classic songs from the film!

The powerhouse singer has released her version of 'Reflection' and it is delighting fans of the original and new fans alike!

"The first version is more like a 'finding myself' feel, and this version is 'finally found myself' and fight!" one person wrote.

"Nostalgic but fresh... The feels and the chills! The lyrics, the music, Christina’s voice, Mulan’s bravery and courage create such a powerful masterpiece that gives an empowering spirit to every broken girl listening!" wrote another.

Check out the brand new version of Reflection in the video above...