Downton Abbey actor surprises fans with his dramatic weight-loss

goss 11/08/2020

Downton Abbey fans have had to do a double take at Hugh Bonneville after seeing recent pictures of him.

The actor appeared on a UK TV show via live cross where even his biggest fans didn't instantly recognise him.

Not only was Hugh looking a lot lighter, he was also sporting a new hair-do which added to the transformation.

Viewers immediately took to Twitter to share their appreciation for his dramatic makeover.

One wrote: "Holy cow! No wonder I realise I couldn’t recognise Lord Grantham. He looks great. New look, eating healthy and new hairstyle. Keep up the good work Hugh!"

 "Wow, I didn’t recognise Hugh Bonneville on The One Show to start with! What a transformation!"

Another wrote: "Hugh Bonneville has lost a hell of a lot of weight!"

While this one said: "Blimey, Hugh Bonneville is half the man he used to be."