Kelly Clarkson brilliantly shuts down troll who 'mum shamed' her

goss 17/08/2020

Kelly Clarkson is a busy woman! Between raising her kids, hosting a talk show and her music - she's definitely got loads to keep her hands full.

On top of all of that, Kelly has recently made a last minute appearance on America's Got Talent. The singer filled in for Simon Cowell who had to sub out after a recent injury. While viewers were thrilled with her performance on the show, one troll took exception...

In a since deleted tweet, the internet troll hit out at Kelly for 'working too much'.

"No wonder her marriage didn’t work… Surprised she has time for her kids… Not the good old country girl we fell in love with… No tears for her… But for her kids."

Kelly took to her Twitter, to the delight of her followers, to set the record straight.

"Wow. Shaming a woman who has a great work ethic, is a great mom, and who steps up and fills in when a friends asks for a favor because that’s actually what 'good old country girls' do... This can’t be who you are deep down. I have more faith in your heart. Aim higher please."

Brilliantly said by Kelly - it's a real shame that internet trolls keeping popping up!