Netflix's iconic 'Ta Dum' sound effect was almost a bleating goat instead

goss 07/08/2020

If you're fond of the odd Netflix binge watch, you'll probably be familiar with the iconc 'ta dum' sound effect that plays alongside side the streaming service's logo when an original shows plays.

In a recent interview, Netflix producer Todd Yellin revealed that the iconic sound was very nearly something else!

The streaming giant were after their own unique sound, just like Disney's castle intros, MGM's Lion and 20th Century Fox's fanfare.

The slow and low sound effect we know today was on the initial list, along with bubbles and a bleating goat.

"I liked the sound of the goat," Yellin says. "It was funny, quirky and our version of [MGM's] Leo the Lion."

Unsurpringsly the company opted for the 'ta dum' we know today, the goat just didn't seem to work right.

Users were eventually polled on the 'ta dum' sound and the perception was that the sound was "dramatic" and reminded them of a "movie" - So that pretty much sealed the deal.