Pink praises teachers and parents of kids learning remotely in heartfelt post

goss 02/09/2020

While for the most part in New Zealand, life is returning to a relative form of 'normal' amid the pandemic - but things are quite different over in the USA.

Pink is still at home with her family and has shared a post to her Instagram praising teachers and parents of kids working remotely...

"Trying out this preschool thing remotely." the singer wrote.

"My heart breaks for these kids, and my heart also goes out to every parent and teacher right now trying to figure it all out."

"I’m grateful for community and for all of us trying to keep each other safe. In the words of my father, 'this, too, shall pass'."

The singer's thoughtful message was appreciated by her fans...

"Love everything about you! I’m a teacher and a mom and it’s so hard. Thank you for being the whole family role model that this world needs." one wrote.

"My kids are going remote as well, I feel bad on what they are missing out on but I’m happy that I get to be with them." added another.

Keep up the good work Pink - we love how she always keeps it real on her social media!