People who are sarcastic and cynical have a greater risk of heart issues says study

omg 16/09/2020

Chances are you probably know someone, maybe a colleague or family member, who tends to be sarcastic and cynical... If so, it might be time to get them to change their tune!

A recent study has found those who are often snarky have a greater chance of heart issues!

"Hostile individuals have increased clotting times, higher adrenaline levels, above normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and increased cardiac reactivity," researchers said.

"These known inflammatory factors may initiate cardiac events and increase poor clinical outcomes. Surprisingly large proportion of the cardiac patients scored highly on the hostility score, which increases its relevance."

To back this up, a previous study stated that "being happy can give you a healthy heart."

"People experiencing positive emotions have lower cortisol levels, and fewer blood pressure abnormalities and fibrinogen stress responses to a mental stress test, compared with those not feeling positive emotions."

So there we go - grumpy bums might be doing themselves more harm than good!