'Bohemian Rhapsody' has been crowned the best song of all time

goss 30/10/2020

A recent study out of the UK has found the 'best songs' of all time. No doubt the list will cause debate, but there are some pretty epic songs in the top 10!

The survey of more than 2000 people found that Queen is still hugely popular, the band takes out the top 2 spots! Other classics from The Beatles, Bon Jovi and 'The Beach Boys' also make the cut.

  1. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ – Queen (43%)
  2. 'Don’t Stop Me Now’ – Queen (37%)
  3. ‘Hey Jude’ – The Beatles (31%)
  4. ‘Imagine’ – John Lennon (30%)
  5. ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ – Bon Jovi (28%)
  6. ‘The Sound Of Silence’ – Simon & Garfunkel (27%)
  7. ‘What a Wonderful World’ – Louis Armstrong (25%)
  8. ‘Mr Blue Sky’ – ELO (25%)
  9. ‘(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay’ – Otis Redding (24%)
  10. ‘Good Vibrations’ – The Beach Boys (24%)

Check out the full list of songs over on The Hook.