David Beckham criticised by trolls after sharing photo of him kissing his daughter

goss 22/10/2020

An innocent photo of David Beckham giving his 9 year old daughter a wee kiss on the lips has sparked a heated debate online.

David's wife Victoria posted the photo on her Instagram with the caption "the best daddy" - and shortly after the internet trolls came out...

"Why is he kissing her in her lips?" one wrote.

"David, that kind of kiss with your daughter... It is pretty weird." added another.

Despite a slew of negative comments, others were quick to jump to the star's defence...

"I question what sort of person has a problem with a child’s parent kissing them!! It is you that has seriously warped mind, shame on you!" one person passionately wrote.

Don't let the trolls get you down David! Thankfully he has plenty of supporters.