Ed Sheeran sells one of his own paintings to raise money for charity

goss 06/11/2020

Ed Sheeran has been laying low since taking an extended break from music, getting married and becoming a dad to a beautiful little girl.

But he hasn't fallen completly off the face of the earth.

In fact the 29-year-old has been using his down time to dabble in a bit of painting, and one of his latest works named Dab 2 2020 has been put on sale for a charity auction.

It's reported that Ed used house paints to create the piece of art and called it Dab 2 because Dab has been Sheeran’s nickname for his father John since childhood and this is the second painting he has given him, this time to auction off.

Sheeran has donated it to the Ed Sheeran: Made In Suffolk Legacy Auction, and it is the first and only time that one of his paintings has been made available for sale.

Speaking about the canvas in an interview, Ed said:

“I painted a canvas a day for 30 days,” Sheeran said in a previous interview.

“It was really fun. It’s kind of Jackson Pollocky. I bought house paint and just layered it up by flicking it. I just do my art and I love doing it. It’s something that makes me happy; that no-one else needs to judge. There’s no part of the creative process that people judge, if you’re just doing it for yourself."

“Creativity is an amazing thing to make people happy… you just do it and it’s fun.”