Kiwi pet owner finds missing cat two years after his disappearance

goss 04/12/2020

Cooper the cat was enjoying life in small South Island town Temuka when he decided to up and leave while his human family was away holidaying in Wanaka.

His disappearance saw his owners absolutely gutted at the thought of never seeing the beloved ginger and white moggy ever again. After fruitless attempts at finding Cooper, including regular neighbourhood walks and posting on social media, they thought he was gone forever.

But, two years later and 160km away, Cooper has been found!

Thanks to the magic of social media, Cooper's owner Loretta saw a post where a lady asked if anyone recognized the stray cat that kept coming in through the cat door and eating all her cat's food.

Loretta told Stuff that as soon as she saw the picture of the accused cat, she knew it was the one and only Cooper.

“When I first saw the post my heart sunk and I just knew by looking at the cat’s face that it was him,” she said.

But how did Cooper make the 160km trip all the way to Twizel!?

Loretta thinks that Cooper may have hitched a ride to Twizel with her neighbour, who was moving stuff there from Temuka at the time the cat disappeared.

“At that time our neighbour across the road, he’s got family in Twizel and he was back and forth from here quite a lot,'’ she said.

Now that I think about it, he may have gotten into his vehicle, or his caravan or a box, and he’s ended up here.

Loretta got straight in touch with the woman looking for Cooper's owner, where the woman revealed that he had been pestering numerous Twizel residents for food and was a local at the Twizel Holiday Park where he was, sadly, often seen scavenging through the rubbish bins for something to eat.

Loretta and her son left straight for Twizel to fetch Cooper, and when they called his name he responded straight away - despite not hearing it for two whole years.

They plan to give the 12 year old a lot of loving after his horrific two year ordeal that he has been through.