Kmart fanatic shares her 'life-changing' toilet roll Christmas wrapper hack

we love 30/11/2020

This woman's toilet roll Christmas paper hack could save you time this festive season!

The Aussie mum has gone viral after showing how she uses a toilet roll to keep her wrapping paper in place.

She simple gets a used toilet roll and slices it open vertically. She then placed it around the wrap to stop it from unravelling and hold it all in place.

"So, do you guys want to see a life hack?" she asked in a video. "Toilet roll. Cut it in half."

The response online has been hugely positive!

"This is going to be a game changer this Christmas, awesome idea," one person wrote.

"What is this witchcraft I just witnessed," someone joked.

"How good is it I've been doing it for years even use the paper towel ones for the longer rolls so more is covered." 

Maybe try thisone out when you're wrapping presents this festive season!