Mum's powerful message about raising 'average kids' goes viral

goss 09/11/2020

A mum has gone viral online after sharing her heartwarming post about how she is raising 'average kids'.

The woman's sentiment has been praised by fellow parents and has been called 'beautiful', 'perfect' and 'essential reading'.

You can read Angela's post in the full below...

"I’m raising average kids." her post began.

"They will not be going pro in any sport. They will not be the valedictorian. They will not be landing on the moon. And they will not be President.

But I pray that they will be extraordinary at love.

They will be the friend who makes homemade soup and delivers it when a family loses a loved one.

They will always return their grocery carts.

They will mow their neighbor’s lawn or shovel their snow-filled driveway just because.

They will know how to listen—especially to those who need it most.

They will make time to return phone calls.

They will still send cards on birthdays.

They will know how to forgive.

They will be empathy givers.

They will know how to say, “I’m sorry.”

They will know how to act vulnerable and cry in someone else’s arms.

Oh, and this one’s important—they’ll know how to love themselves by giving themselves grace, love, time off, and setting boundaries.

Yup. I’m raising average kids.

Average kids who will be extraordinary at LOVE.