Netflix set to start up their own original TV channel

goss 13/11/2020

Netflix has completely changed the way that Kiwis watch TV. The streaming platform has given us the ability to choose whatever we want to watch at what time with no ads.

But now Netflix is trailing a new format for their service that goes back to the good old fashioned way of TV with scheduled watching. 

The new scheduled watching will be like a regular TV with certain shows on at set times. Its meant to take away the stress of when you just can't decide what to watch and will be on a different section to Netflix.

The Netflix statement says, 

Whether you are lacking inspiration or whether you are discovering Netflix for the first time, you could let yourself be guided for the first time without having to choose a particular title and let yourself be surprised by the diversity of Netflix's library.

It is currently being trailed in France, to roll it out worldwide very soon hopefully.