People are obsessing over this cute 'Air Fryer Toy' for kids

we love 27/01/2021

Australian parents are loving this new product from Kmart. The '9 Piece Air Fryer Toy' lets your little one pretend they're using the real deal.

Unfortunately the product isn't listed on the Kmart NZ website yet, but it's probably only a matter of time!

"Kids can engage in hours of fun pretend play with this air fryer toy." reads.

One excited parent praised the product by saying "Isn’t this the cutest lil air fryer you have ever seen!"

She wasn't the only person keen on the product...

"See air fryers are THAT good they are worthy of a kids toy," one person wrote.

"Gotta teach them young hahaha," added another.

"My two year old got gifted it for his birthday... He absolutely loves it," a third said.

Hopefully this one arrives on NZ soil soon!