These baby names are tipped to be hugely popular in 2021

goss 22/01/2021

UK based website MyNameTags has revealed which names they predict to be hugely popular in 2021.

Taking inspiration from many pop culture events of 2020 - here are the names expected to surge in popularity.

Girl Names:

  1. Billie - Billie Eilish is a hugely successful recording artist
  2. Maeve - Lead character in Netflix's show 'Sex Education'
  3. Anya - Star in Netflix's show 'The Queen's Gambit'
  4. Diana - Princess Diana who featured in Netflix's The Crown
  5. Jodie - Lead actress in the TV show 'Killing Eve'

Boy Names:

  1. Connell - Lead character in TV show 'Normal People'
  2. Tom - UK based Captain Tom raised huge funds during Covid lockdown
  3. Marcus - Premier League footballer 
  4. Lewis - Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton
  5. David - After Sir David Attenborough of course

So if you need inspo - this could be of some help!