'Matilda' fans can't believe what 'Bruce Bogtrotter' actor looks like now

goss 24/02/2021

You may remember the iconic character 'Bruce Bogtrotter' from the Matilda movie. 

Well after all of these years the actor behind the character, Jimmy Karz, is back in the limelight. People can't believe how much he has changed since his days on the big screen!

Jimmy hasn't pursued his acting career and now works as a doctor at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Check these pics out...

Matilda: 1996


A few years ago Jimmy spoke about the scene where Ms Trunchbull forced him to eat a huge amount of cake.

"That scene took about three weeks to film, from what I recall. I had to be on set all day, and I had to wear the same outfit every day.

"The chocolate was already encrusted on this shirt I was wearing. For continuity's sake, every day I had to have the chocolate painted on my face the way it was painted on the day before.

"I despised the smell of chocolate for a few weeks after that."