'The Greatest Showman' is working on the new Robbie Williams biopic

goss 26/02/2021

Robbie Williams' life is about to be immortalised forever on film, just like other music legends like Elton John and Freddie Mercury.

A biopic on Robbie's life is currently in the works and the film, titled Better Man, is set to leave no stone unturned as it explores Robbie's rise to fame in Take That, his journey to worldwide superstar and his demons that plagued him throughout his years.

The director of the 2017 hit film The Greatest Showman has confirmed he is set to work on the film.

Michael Gracey said he has spent hours talking to the singer about his life and wants to tackle the biopic in a way that hasn't been seen before.

"As for how we represent Robbie in the film, that bit is top secret. I want to do this in a really original way," Gracey told Deadline in an exclusive interview.

"Unlike some people who were born prodigies or musical geniuses and you follow the narrative of the world catching up to their brilliance, this isn’t that story," Australian director Gracey said.

"Robbie is that Everyman, who just dreamed big and followed those dreams and they took him to an incredible place. Because of that, his is an incredibly relatable story."