Mum shares her $5 'game changing' McDonald's McFlurry hack

goss 24/02/2021

A mum has gone viral after sharing her simple McDonald's McFlurry hack that she uses with her kids.

"I came across a post on Instagram about mini mcflurrys! We order soft serve in a lid and a lid of mnm's," the woman wrote on Facebook.

"Was under $5 for all the kids and myself to have these! Better than $5 a pop."

"I personally haven't had any issues with ordering it at all. We have done this weekly for two months, we simply just order soft serves in a lid and then ask for a lid of M&Ms. Super simple!"

It turns out she wasn't the only person who thought it was a good idea...

"Yep we do this with our boys! Someone told me a few years ago, sooo much cheaper!" one person replied

"We used to serve these all the time when I worked there (15 years ago). They are perfect for little kids; and adults," another replied.

A third person added "so much easier and less waste for the kids, I started doing this when I worked there 2016."