Mum sparks heated debate after her daughter reveals her 'gross' ice-cream habit

omg 12/02/2021

A mum has sparked a bit of debate on Reddit after her daughter outed her for the strange way she eats her ice-cream.

"My mom always eats the chocolate and puts it back in the freezer like that..." the daughter wrote.

It didn't take long for the responses to fly in!

"She’s a monster," one person joked. 

"Run away and disown her" another suggested.

"Does she know she can buy chocolate that isn't attached to ice cream and eat that?" a third person commented.

After the comments section lit up, the daughter gave a further explanation to her mum's actions.

"She says its okay for her to do that because she just 'leaves the vanilla part for my dad to eat'. I don't think he ever ate that tho. At least I hope so."