These are the names of the couples most likely to stay together

goss 12/02/2021

A personalised cake company in the UK has done some research just in time for Valentine's Day! Using their records, the company managed to figure out the names of couples most likely to stay together for the long haul...

  1. Sophie and Paul
  2. Olivia and Alex
  3. Dave and Steve
  4. Charlotte and Daniel
  5. Kate and Anna
  6. Charlie and Jess
  7. Karen and John
  8. Oliver and Eve
  9. Rob and Liz
  10. Harry and Jack

The head of the company behind the study said "Our unique, personalised cakes give us a fantastic opportunity to delve into patterns and trends, and at a time of year when love is at the forefront of people’s minds, we wanted to take a look at names of couples most likely to get together and make it to milestones in their relationship, just for a bit of fun!"

How does list stack up to couples you know?