Company paying people $3400 to not use technology for 24 hours

omg 24/03/2021

If someone came up to you and offered you $100USD an hour to stay off of your phone would you do it? Well now could be your chance as is paying volunteers $2400USD to participate in their 24-hour digital detox challenge.

"Do you need to escape your daily routine with a digital detox? We know it’s hard to take even a day away from work, school, socializing, games, and the endless scrolling and streaming online, but what if we could make it worth your while?" the ocmpany wrote on their website.

The volunteers will be provided with a safe to put their technology in and a $200 Amazon gift card to purchase supplies to entertain themselves during their challenge. After the challenge participants will have to submit a report of their screentime to prove that they’ve earnt their $2400 paycheck.

If you’re keen to earn $2400USD are eligible to work in the US and you’re over 18 you can apply to the study here.