Golden Retrievers have been crowned the most loved dogs in the world

goss 22/03/2021

A recent online survey has found that Golden Retrievers are the most popular pets on the internet!

The study looked at people's online behavioural patterns and found which type of pets got the most 'reactions' online.

"The popular and adorable golden retriever is officially the most loved pet online, with an average of 222 ‘love’ reactions per online post around the breed, far ahead of the cocker spaniel in second place with 84 loves for every post. The golden retriever also received the most posts online, with 4.4 million in the last year alone." the study said.

"The sass and mischievous behaviour of the Bengal cat received the second-highest number of posts, with 2.4 million in the last year. Bengals have also earned the title of the funniest pet on the internet, with 17 laughing emojis per post."

"The clumsy and comical Great Dane took a close second place for the dogs with 16 reactions a post. Great Danes are also racking up the sad face emojis, with its puppy dog eyes gaining the sympathy vote online."

"Labradoodles and their owners are getting into the most trouble with their energetic antics online, with the highest amount of angry reactions at 79 reactions for every post."

Here is the full list of the 10 most popular pets on the internet...

  1. Golden Retriever
  2. Bengal Cat
  3. German Shepherd
  4. Chihuahua
  5. Bulldog
  6. Labrador
  7. Great Dane
  8. Boxer
  9. French Bulldog
  10. Dachshund