Netflix reveals season 3 of 'You' has wrapped filming

goss 30/04/2021

'You' is one of Netflix's biggest shows and fans have been waiting since 2019 for new episodes... But good news, more episodes are on the way!

Season 3 of the show has wrapped filming, so hopefully we'll get to see it this year.

In a post on her Twitter account, showrunner Sera Gamble spoke about the milestone...

"Today is our last day of shooting season 3 of #YouNetflix," she wrote.

"We had zero on-set positive COVID tests through a significant and scary surge here in LA. And I haven't had one since. Because every single member of cast and crew worked very hard to take care of each other during a time that's stressful, in a situation that's tough to control."

'You' follows the story of a possessive book store owner who becomes infatuated with one of his customers, things turn sinister pretty quickly - making for a gripping watch.