Friends star calls Reunion's set "a sucker punch in the heart"

goss 01/06/2021

Good news, it's not just us who are emotionally struggling from watching the Friends reunion...

When Jennifer Aniston got to transfer back to the one and only 'Rachel Green' in the iconic sitcom, it took an emotional toll on her.

The rush of emotions hit Jennifer Aniston when the production crew recreated the Friends production set for the two-hour special.

Aniston explained, "It was a sucker punch in the heart," although everyone involved in the reunion knew the production crew was recreating the set.

"We were very naive in what we were expecting," Aniston said, adding that the sets were rebuilt "down to the shelves and the little tchotchkes details."

The nostalgic Friends Reunion can be watched on TVNZ On Demand - Just remember to bring a box of tissues.