Indoor pot-plant sells for over $12,000 on TradeMe

goss 21/05/2021

Earlier this week, a ‘Philodendron Florida Ghost’ that was listed on Trade Me with a $1 reserve fetched a huge $12,250 under the hammer.

The listening garnered over 265 bids, before reaching the final bid.

The plant is described as a “Rare collectable indoor plant that’s ready for a new home.”

The Philodendren Florida Ghost gets its name from it’s changing leaves, with newest leaves appearing an almost white colour. An image uploaded to Trade Me shows the plant as being just bigger than the size of a standard lighter.

Trade Me spokeswoman spoke in 2020 about the high-price of certain house-plants on the website, “The most expensive houseplant ever sold on Trade Me was a variegated minima which sold for $8150, beating the previous record-holder by $1650.”

This latest plant sale has smashed the previous record - we wonder how long it will be until this record is broken again?