'The Bridgerton Experience' is a real life ball letting you live the high life

goss 13/09/2021

The Queen will see you know! Bridgerton fans across the world are champing at the bit to get their hands on tickets to the newly announced 'Bridgerton Experience'.

It's basically a real life ball in the style of Bridgerton! Tickets are limited and the ball will be held in 4 different cities - Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Montreal. 

"Amidst such sophistication, who shall rise as the diamond of the season?" a description for the experience reads.

"Find out in this immersive Bridgerton experience, transporting you to the Regency era."

"Prepare to mingle with other members of the Ton, and partake in an evening of music and dance featuring acrobatic performances, interactive experiences, a stunning dance show, delicious cocktails, and much more, all accompanied by the iconic Bridgerton soundtrack."

While it may be a bit hard for diehard fans in New Zealand to get their hands on tickets - we can only hope they bring this down under sometime soon!