Man claims the best way to cook baked beans is to have them 'over done'

omg 15/09/2021

How do you have your baked beans? Probably not like this!

This guy has lit up Reddit after claiming the best way to have the classic canned meal is by 'over cooking' them.

"Who else likes their beans overdone? (*Cheese imminent)" he wrote alongside a pic of his handiwork.

He wasn't alone though...

"Yep, I call them 'hotel beans', like beans in a buffet brekkie that have been under the lights for a couple of hours. Only way to have them!" one person said.

"They're called 'sticky beans' in our house," added a second person. She went on to say her daughter "refuses to wash the pan after 'sticky beans', so I have to scrub it before it goes in the dishwasher."

What do you make of this method? Madness or genius?